Sunday, August 24, 2014

 Friday Wine & Cheese from the Biltmore..
 Saturday morning , breakfast in bed! Love the Philly Blueberry Cream Cheese! Not to mention the V8
 Phillip says he wants the first dance...
 Kuddos to Jeff Vickery on the Coffee Table for the River House!

 Playing at the Dock with our Jack Russell , Bounty!
 Summer girl just hanging out!
 Tripp just doesn't want to leave the "Dock"!

Ending my night at my newly situated desk...
What a fast weekend! The first week of school went smooth for The Kids & Us! We spent some time on the Chipola River, I finally finished all of Tripps paperwork for school Whew!... our Washing Machine is finally fixed after 5 months and 6 visits from Sears {fingers crossed}.
We have a busy week ahead with Meetings, Kids and Work! I hope everyone has a Beautiful week! Give someone a hug today!

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