Friday, August 22, 2014

                                                               Lunch was awesome!
                         I was ever so glad to get these shoes off! Nothing like driving in the rain barefooted!

                                                 My room at the Gibson...I slept like a baby!
                            How did you guess??? Yep their first day of school! Didn't everyone get those shots???
This has been such a whirlwind week for our family! Monday the kids started school, then I zoomed off to Tallahassee to prepare for a Photo Shoot for the Rowland Publishing Company! Met some great Women  in the 850 area , had lunch and finally made it to the Sysco Food Show! Went to  beautiful Apalachicola Wednesday afternoon and had Dinner at the Owl Cafe & Tap Room. Finished my night at the Gibson Inn (nothing haunting happened to me) but my room made me feel like I was in a different Era...It's finally Friday and I have promised to make Tripp home made popsicles  tonight! So I guess you know I will show you later how to do that! So, for now I need to get my hair fixed and put on a little Makeup so I can finish the rest of my day...Say something nice to someone today, it might just make them Smile!


  1. We are so proud of you, Angie. You are such a hard working and caring woman, whether you are wearing the boss lady hat, the friend hat, the mom or wife hat, you keep your seams straight and your lips painted --- and a smile in your eyes. Thank you for your energy and joyful hope.